[MVE Video 3] MVE RF High Probe Testing Solution


Marvelous Microwave offers diversity of RF test components testing videos.
This Video will be showing MVE broadband RF Probe charateristic and life cycle test.

MVE is not only provide all on board RF High Probe on the market but also have bandwidth to research and development, testing, quality assurance ,analysis and so on. 

*  Support all IPEX/Murata/Hirose on board connector probes.
*  Low VSWR /High cycle/ High stability
*  Support on board closely pitched solution.

For more information, please describe MVE's YouTube video.
If you have any question, please feel free to contact with us.

芝程科技提供一系列RF 元件測試影集

*支援全系列IPEX/Murata/Hirose 板端接頭對應探針 

想要更多資訊請訂閱MVE Youtube頻道