[MVE Video 2] MVE Flexible 085 and Spiral Flexible 085 cable test


Marvelous Microwave offers diversity of RF test components testing videos.
With cables, we have tested Flexible 085 and Spiral Flexible 085 with the video.

*Frequency:DC-12.4GHz (with brass adapter)
*Excellent shielding effect
*Flexible for ease of installation
*International companies use:Google, Qualcomm, Amazon, Avago, NVIDIA

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芝程科技提供一系列RF 元件測試影集
此次測試元件為MVE F085及SPF085線材特性比較:

*支援頻率: DC-12.4GHz (黃銅接頭)
*各大網通廠使用:Google, Qualcomm, Amazon, Avago, NVIDIA
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