MVE provide 5G millimeter-wave testing components with Generation V (5G)

MVE support a series of RF testing components for Generation V (5G). (Such as Cable, Adapter, Attenuator, DC Block…etc.)
MVE provide Gain Horn Antennas with Standard Gain and Broadband Polarized Horn Antennas that can operate up to E Band.
MVE can be customized according to customer requirements and Gain Horn Antennas aid 5G millimeter-wave testing.
If you have any issues please feel free to contact our sales office.

MVE支援用於第V代(5G)一系列的RF測試組件。(如連接線、轉接頭、衰減器、DC Block…等。)
MVE提供增益喇叭天線有標準增益和寬頻偏振喇叭天線,可操作到E Band頻段。
MVE可根據客戶需求客製化增益喇叭天線有助於5G millimeter-wave測試。