MVE Dictionary- RF Coaxial Switch

What's Switch?  
A coaxial switch is used to alter the path of a coaxial transmission line by either opening or closing it.

Frequency Range
This is the operational bandwidth in which the unit must meet the electrical specification.   MVE Microwave offers full frequency range, from DC to 26GHz.

Coaxial switches are ideally suited for such applications as equipment ion, switching antenna feeds, lobing, beam switching, transmitter receiver multiplexing, and many others.

The resistance to RF leakage between the closed path and the open path is the isolation. MVE's Switch always get higher isolation.

the failsafe mode, which is standard on MVE switches, the switch will  move to the closed position when actuating voltage is applied and return to the open position when voltage is removed. 

the normally open switch will move to open position when actuatling voltage is applied and return to the open position when voltage is removed

TTL Control Circuit Users exercising the option of TTL compatibility can apply the power voltage across a pair of designated power terminals and then control switch operation with a 5 volt control circuit 

Latching - In the latching mode, the switch will remain in any switched position when the actuating voltage is removed.