High-Speed Transmission Testing Products
高速訊號多半採差動信號(Differential Test)進行傳輸,因此傳輸訊號的兩條電纜需要有極高精度的相位匹配;換言之,兩條電纜傳輸訊號的誤差值需在一定的範圍內以達到最佳傳輸。
In response to the need for lower latency in high-speed signal applications, MVE offers a range of products designed to support high-speed signal applications.
Digital high-speed signals are mostly transmitted by differential test. Therefore, the cable that transmits the signals needs to have extremely high-precision phase matching.
In other words, the transmission deviation of the connected cable needs to be within a certain range to achieve the best transmission.
V 高穩相/精準相位匹配 High Phase Stable/Exact Phase Match
V 高品質/高特性 High Quality/ High Performance
V 適用於高速傳輸/高頻相關領域 Apply to the High-Speed Testing/High-Frequency Related Field.