5G Milli-meter Wave series Connector 5G毫米波系列接頭
Up to 65 GHz 1.85mm,2.4mm,2.92mm Coaxial Connector
Check out MVE high frequency connectors.
MVE provides various options of high frequency connectors to cope with the increasing frequency of 5G test equipment.
From 1.85mm that supports up to 65 GHz, 2.4mm that supports up to 50 GHz, to 2.92mm that supports to 40 GHz, a variety of connectors can be found at MVE.
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無論是可達65 GHz的1.85mm,可達50 GHz 的2.4mm,或是40 GHz的2.92mm,您都可在芝程找到。
MVE3227-023 1.85mm Female S/T 2 Hole flange, Connector DC-65GHz
MVE3228-7.0 2.92mm Female S/T 2 Hole Flange Connector/DC-40GHz
MVE3228-10.92 2.92mm Female S/T 2 Hole Flange Connector/DC-40GHz
MVE3409-030 2.4mm Female S/T 2Hole Flange Connector, DC-50GHz
MVE3410-0.23 2.4mm Female S/T 4Hole Flange Connector, DC-50GHz