芝程科技可程式衰減器/ Programmable Attenuators
因應市場測試需求持續, 芝程推出一系列可程式衰減器,. 產品可在不中斷電路的情況下, 以1dB/10db/step來調節電路衰減值. 芝程可程式衰減器頻段最高支援40GHz, 每1dB/10db/step起跳, 具有以下特點:
  • 體積小
  • 精度高度
  • 高衰減值
In response to the continuous increase in testing demand, MVE launched a series of programmable attenuators, which can regulate the signal level of the circuit in 1dB/10dB steps without interrupting the circuit. The device can also be used as a machine attenuator to adjust the test system power level. MVE Programmable attenuators supports frequency band up to 40GHz and features in small size, high precision, stability, and reliability.
  • High Attenuation levels up to 121dB
  • Step Resolution of 0.25/0.5/1dB (Option)
  • Small Size and high attenuation value