同軸連接器 Coaxial Adapter SMA

Coaxial Adapter SMA 系列

MVE SMA 系列同軸連接器採用螺紋耦合技術設計,適合在密集的振動環境中使用,以及 RF 和微波頻率之間的橋樑。
MVE提供從 PCB板端到測試用方案的各種連接器,並具有完整不同的方向和端接類型。

  • 高適配性;可與所有現有 MIL 標準化 SMA 連接器互配
  • 高穩定度;在振動操作中具有高機械穩定性。
  • 多樣化供應;PCB 版本提供直角或直線 SMT、THT 或末端裝接端子,可視客戶需求及用量客製不同長度。

MVE SMA series coaxial connectors are designed with threaded coupling technology for use in dense vibration environments and as a bridge between RF and microwave frequencies.
They are suitable for a variety of applications, especially those requiring high-quality telecommunications, data communications, test and measurement systems, and industrial fields.
MVE offers a wide variety of connectors from PCB end to test solutions with a complete range of directions and termination styles.

    • Nice suitability; match with all existing MIL standardized SMA connectors
    • High stability; high mechanical stability in vibrating operation.
    • Diversified supply; PCB version provides right-angle or straight SMT, THT or end mount terminals, and different lengths can be customized according to customers needs and usage.