MVE DRSC Notch Filter on short-range to medium-range wireless communication.

於Nov 18,2020, 美國聯邦通信委員會(FCC) 公告了5.9 GHz band 的報告將該頻段採用新的規則.
The frequency 5.9 GHz band is applied the new rule was being announced by FCC in Nov 18, 2020.

針對公告的頻率範圍為5.85GHz至5.925GHz,分配給無執照設備使用 (如:Wi-Fi相關設備), 而較高的30MHz(5.895-5.925GHz)分配給智能交通系統(ITS).
In accordance with the new announcement, the frequency scale from 5.85GHz to 5.925GHz, will be distributed to the non-licensed item (ex: Wi-Fi router),
the higher frequency 30MHz (5.895 – 5.925GHz) will be distributed to Intelligence Transportation System (ITS).

To face the changes on rule, MVE released the notch filter, with the passband up to triple frequency 18 GHz, could be applied in the test following new rule.

V 高深度  The Deeper Depth
高穩定/特性  High Stable
高壽命  High Life Cycle