MVE High Performance& Isolation Power Divider

MVE芝程科技提供支援WiFi 6E完整頻段的Power Divider,
無論是GPS、Bluetooth、5G(FR1)、WiFi 6E等,路數2Way~16Way皆可滿足客戶測試需求,

LTE +WiFi 2.4G/5G頻段,建議可使用MVE854X系列。
若您無低頻測試需求,MVE857X系列可完整支援 2.4G/5G/WiFi 6E頻段測試。
MVE856X系列其共用性廣,支援度最佳,是低頻及WiFi 6E最好的夥伴,也是您最佳的選擇。

MVE power dividers are with complete WiFi 6E frequency band. Including GPS,
Bluetooth, 5G(FR1), WiFi 6E.. etc. From 2 ways to 16 ways designed, to meet the customer’s testing requirement.
The advantage of its low loss, low VSWR, high life, and high quality.
For LTE+WiFi 2.4/5G frequency band demand, will suggest taking MVE854X Series.
If not required low frequency band, MVE857X series is the ideal model for 2.4/5G/WiFi 6E frequency band.
MVE856X series with wide and comprehensive commonality, which is your best choice for low frequency and WiFi 6E.

● Low Loss
● Low VSWR
● High life cycle and Isolation
● 0.5~6GHz 
MVE8546  SMA 2way Power Divider,0.5~6GHz 
MVE8547  SMA 4way Power Divider, 0.5~6GHz
MVE8548  SMA 8way Power Divider, 0.5~6GHz
● 2~8GHz
MVE8576  SMA 2way Power Divider,2~8GHz
MVE8577  SMA 4way Power Divider,2~8GHz
MVE8579  SMA 8way Power Divider,2~8GHz
● 0.5~8GHz
MVE8561  SMA 2way Power Divider, 0.5~8GHz
MVE8562  SMA 4way Power Divider, 0.5~8GHz
MVE8563  SMA 8way Power Divider, 0.5~8GHz