MVE Test Probe Cable for Series of Murata, IPEX. Frequency: DC-8GHz.

Wi-Fi聯盟將WiFi 6(802.11ax)從現有的2.4 GHz和5 GHz頻段將擴展到6GHz,而新增 6GHz 的無線網絡將稱為 Wi-Fi 6E。
並且使用 5.925GHz~7.125GHz 頻率資源,
芝程科技因應Wi-Fi6E 提供Murata、Ipex,搭配1.37mm同軸纜線支援頻率至8GHz,提供線材驗證,損耗量測及校正。

The Wi-Fi Alliance will extend WiFi 6 (802.11ax) from the existing 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands to 6 GHz, and the newly added 6 GHz wireless network will be called Wi-Fi 6E.
And use 5.925GHz~7.125GHz frequency resources,
MVE provides Murata and Ipex in response to Wi-Fi6E, with 1.37mm coaxial cable to support frequencies up to 8GHz, providing wire verification, loss measurement and calibration

【MM8430/8130】 → 472296.137.15(H) 
【MM8030】   → 562296.137.15(H)
【MHF 20351-112R】→ 342296.137.15(H)
MHF 20351-112R To SMA Female BH, 1.37mm /L:15cm/DC-8GHz