MVE 5G (fifth generation) & mmWave Filter

MVE provide new band filter with 5G (fifth generation) & mmWave.

Frequency bands for 5G NR are being separated into two different frequency ranges.
First there is Frequency Range 1 (FR1) that includes sub-6GHz frequency bands.
The other is Frequency Range 2 (FR2) that includes frequency bands from 24.25 GHz to 52.6 GHz.
Bands in this millimeter wave range have shorter range but higher available bandwidth than bands in the FR1.

芝程提供支援第五代行動通訊(5G) &毫米微波新頻段之濾波器。

5G NR的頻段被分為兩個不同的頻率範圍。 首先是頻率範圍1(FR1),其中包括低於6GHz的頻帶。
另一個是頻率範圍2(FR2),其中包括從24.25 GHz到52.6 GHz的頻帶。

Item Part No. Description Note
1 MFN-3300.3800.S1 SMA Notch Filter, 3300MHz~3800MHz n78
2 MFN-4400.5000.S1 SMA Notch Filter, 4400MHz~5000MHz n79
3 MFN-3300.3850.S1 SMA Notch Filter, 3300MHz~3850MHz n77_L
4 MFN-3850.4200.S1 SMA Notch Filter, 3850MHz~4200MHz n77_H

Item Part No. Description
1 MFH-36000.45000.V1 2.4mm High Pass Filter 36000MHz To 45000MHz
2 MFH-22000.30000.V1 2.4mm High Pass Filter 22000MHz To 30000MHz
3 MFL-0000.6500.V1 2.4mm Low Pass Filter DC-6500MHz
Rejection>40dB@24250MHz-43500/ VSWR<1.7