MVE high frequency phase match coaxial cable with skew/time delay

MVE芝程科技提供匹配精準的微波高頻線組,它具有高隔離度低訊號洩漏和干擾,線組之間的延遲時間匹配要求可以確保客戶在量測上的品質趨近於理想值,亦適用於高準確度TDR 測試方法,另也提供一系列第五代行動通訊相關的測試組件。

MVE provides a match type RF coaxial Cable with high shielding performance, low signal leakage and interference. Time matching between the cable ensures that the quality of the measurement is close to the ideal value, also suitable for TDR test. Furthermore, we support a series of 5th generation mobile networks test components.
  • 低插入損耗 Low Loss
  • 低誤差匹配 Skew match <1 ps
  • 高相位穩定度 High Phase Stable
高頻匹配電纜線 High Frequency Skew Match Cable